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Company Name
Business-Paradigm, Inc.
http://www.business-paradigm.co.jp / http://www.business-paradigm.com
Registered Office
Shinjuku Park Tower N30th Floor, 3-7-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo, 163-1030, Japan

Company Vision

Business-Paradigm promotes cross-cultural exchange in the areas of business and education. In line with the recent growth of English-language global MBA and other graduate programmes offered by Japanese universities and aimed at non-Japanese students, we are strengthening our relationships with universities and business schools in Japan. We aim to use our expertise to bring together these institutions and prospective candidates, and promote cross-cultural education by facilitating communication between them. We are also working to strengthen our recruitment services for non-Japanese who wish to utilize their experience of working or studying in Japan in their future career by providing advice, support and job-placement services.
Finally, we are strengthening our cultural and business-related training programmes for corporations and individuals who are interested in doing business in Japan, working in a Japanese environment, or would simply like more information on Japan.

About Us

Business-Paradigm was established in London in 2000 by cross-cultural professionals with MBA and MSc credentials. Through our close connections with over 100 universities/business schools in Europe we have an unrivalled reputation as experts in the provision of MBA and post-graduate consulting, careers advice, recruitment and corporate training. We help candidates select universities/business schools, guide them through the application process, support them during their studies, and provide consultation and recruitment support after graduation. Through a comprehensive approach that links candidates, business schools and companies, we are proud to have helped over 10,000 people to achieve their personal study and career objectives.
In 2007, we set up an incorporated office in Tokyo and currently employ four full-time employees and four consultants.