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Corporate training-As experts in cross-cultural training, Business Paradigm offers a variety training programmes for corporations and individuals.

Service Overview

Building on a position as a bridge between Japan and Western business cultures, Business-Paradigm is in the process of developing new, and enhancing its existing suite of corporate training programmes for companies that are aiming to deepen their business connections with Japan. We offer a number of pre-packaged services, which can be customized to meet your corporate training needs. These include seminars, case study workshops, boot-camps and hands-on training.
The programmes we offer are:
Doing Business in Japan
Market entry scenarios and basic cultural training for companies that are making their first forays in Japan
Making the Most of Cultural Differences
Going beyond overcoming common cultural problems and misunderstandings, and looking at how to actually exploit the cultural gap to create positive synergies
Japanese Language Programmes
Business Japanese for managers and other staff who deal with Japanese business people on a daily basis
Business Strategies
Using an understanding of Japan's business culture to optimize your strategies
Managing Japanese Employees
Motivating and getting the most from your local employees through cultural understanding and trust-building
Employee Career Coaching
Understanding employees' strengths, weaknesses and aspirations to develop a clear career vision and training programme that enables them to contribute to your corporate goals
Mini-MBA Programmes
(In conjunction with a prestigious Japanese business school)

For further details about these programmes, please contact us.

Features and Benefits

In an increasingly globalized world, where firms and individuals conduct business in a multi-cultural arena, the importance of cross-cultural understanding is paramount.
Our corporate training programmes are designed to maximize cross-cultural understanding by eliminating misconceptions and negative stereotypical thinking and actually making cultural difference a creative driver in your business.
They are aimed at companies that are looking to set up or expand existing operations in Japan, employing Japanese staff, or dealing with Japanese clients on a regular basis.