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Study in Japan (International Relations etc.)-With almost 10 years of expertise in MBA/postgraduate consulting, Business-Paradigm introduces and promotes English-language Masters programmes offered by Japanese universities.

Features and Benefits of Studying in Japan

Studying a post-graduate degree in Japan can be a rich and rewarding experience, and a challenge that repays the effort.
Japan's universities have a high reputation for academic excellence and a post-graduate degree from Japan is a prestigious qualification. However, in addition to the studying that you do on your programme, living in Japan will also enable to widen your perspective and gain vital cross-cultural and language skills. All of these will make you more marketable to a future employer.
The country offers a standard of living comparable to developed Western countries. It is a comfortable and safe place to live with an extremely well-developed infrastructure.
At the same time, Japan has close cultural and economic ties to Asia, a region that is gaining importance on the world stage. The experience of living and studying in an Asian country will give you insight, knowledge and contacts that will be invaluable to your future career.

Features and Benefits of Studying for a Masters in IR/Development Studies/Area Studies in Japan

At a time of globalization, when the political and cultural importance of Asia continues to grow in tandem with its economic strength, there are many advantages to be gained from studying a Masters in a discipline like International Relations/Development Studies/Area Studies in Japan.
  1. Soft skills such as cross-cultural sensitivity are extremely useful and marketable in any career, be it in business, diplomacy, NGOs or academia.
  2. You can gain a different, non-Eurocentric perspective of global issues and international relations and development through seminars and discussions with academics as well as contact with fellow students from Asia and other regions.
  3. You can build up a network of international contacts that will be valuable to a future career in an international organization.
  4. Studying in Japan provides an opportunity to learn Japanese and other languages.


Business-Paradigm provides total consulting and support for candidates interested in studying in Japan, from advice regarding university/programme selection and application through the post-graduation job hunt.
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