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Study in Japan (MBA/Business)-With almost 10 years of expertise in MBA/postgraduate consulting, Business-Paradigm introduces and promotes English-language MBAs offered by Japanese universities.

Features and Benefits of Studying in Japan

Studying a post-graduate degree in Japan can be a rich and rewarding experience, and a challenge that repays the effort.
Japan's universities have a high reputation for academic excellence and a post-graduate degree from Japan is a prestigious qualification. However, in addition to the studying that you do on your programme, living in Japan will also enable to widen your perspective and gain vital cross-cultural and language skills. All of these will make you more marketable to a future employer.
The country offers a standard of living comparable to developed Western countries. It is a comfortable and safe place to live with an extremely well-developed infrastructure.
At the same time, Japan has close cultural and economic ties to Asia, a region that is gaining importance on the world stage. The experience of living and studying in an Asian country will give you insight, knowledge and contacts that will be invaluable to your future career.

Features and Benefits of Studying for an MBA in Japan

Studying for an MBA in Japan will enable you to learn a balanced combination of Asian and Western business styles and best practices.
The structure and focus of global MBA programmes offered by Japanese universities vary depending on the philosophy of the particular institution and department, the interests of its academic faculty, and also its contacts with the wider business community. In their core courses, Japanese MBAs offer business fundamentals and, as such, have much in common with those offered by business schools in the US and other countries. The optional elements, however, provide opportunities for building connections with blue-chip Japanese corporations and other companies with global reach.
Also, many of the programmes in Japan have a strong regional focus and encompass the business practices not only of Japan, but also China and other fast-growing Asian economies. At a time when Western-style 'free-market' capitalism and business practices have exposed failings, hands-on experience of different business models and cultures will be a definite advantage in a future career.
In times of economic uncertainty, when companies tend to be less active in the recruitment of new employees, it is all the more important to have a CV that really stands out. As well as giving you a highly creditable post-graduate qualification, studying for an MBA in Japan shows a prospective employer that you have the initiative and drive to overcome the challenges of living in a different culture. The content of your studies, the different perspectives on life and business, and the contacts that you make will be an invaluable resource as you progress through your future career.


Business-Paradigm provides total consulting and support for candidates interested in studying in Japan, from advice regarding university/programme selection and application through the post-graduation job hunt.
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