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recruitment-As experts in cross-cultural recruitment, Business-Paradigm offers total support, consulting, and job search and placement.

Service Outline

Business-Paradigm has a proud record of providing consulting and advice to job-seekers, and has successfully found positions both in Japan and overseas for holders of MBAs and other post-graduate degrees, as well as for those with other excellent educational qualifications and work experience, who wish to advance their career. Despite, or perhaps because of economic uncertainty, corporations are increasingly searching for specialists in a range of areas, and we plan to meet their needs by strengthening our recruitment services for non-Japanese business people.
Please contact us, and one of our recruitment consultants will get back to you to arrange a short interview, either in person or via Skype, during which we will ask you about your career goals and answer any questions you may have. We will then search for a suitable position, arrange interviews with prospective companies and, if successful, carry out negotiations with the company on your behalf.

Features and Benefits

Have you considered a career with a Japanese or foreign multi-national? Do you have some experience of living in Japan, either as a student or employee and would like to extend your stay and build a career here? If the answer is 'yes', then there are employment opportunities as companies continue to actively seek qualified business specialists, particularly in the areas of accounting and finance, or with backgrounds in engineering and the alternative energy sector.
Working in Japan can be an invaluable experience for your future career development, especially in today's global marketplace. In addition to gaining vital language and cross-cultural skills, working for a leading company in Japan will show you how the best practices of Asian and Western-style business can be integrated, and also give you the chance to network with business professionals from a variety of countries and business backgrounds.
In addition to job-postings in Japan and Asia, Business-Paradigm can also introduce English speakers to Japanese and non-Japanese companies that are actively recruiting in other parts of the world. We already have strong links with companies in Europe, and are currently enhancing our relationships and building a portfolio of job openings with companies in other regions including Oceania, Africa, the Middle East and North America. Wherever you wish to work, we provide total careers support that builds on your educational and work experience.