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IHI Corporation

Opportunities to work in Japan.


This program, is open for Japanese-speakers in Europe, started three years ago.

We are delighted to announce our 4th year intake (November 2013)..

Those who pass each step will be invited to the next step.
Final interview session in Tokyo (Transportation and accommodation will be provided by IHI. )


IHI: Features and Benefits

About Company



IHI Corporation



Job Category




Marketing, sales, financial affairs, IT/information systems, material procurement, HR, general affairs, planning/management, engineering, etc.


Job Description
















This graduate programme is open for Japanese-speakers (business-level or above) in Europe and will be based in Japan. Most of IHI’s business is “made-to-order” and is run on a per-project basis. One project tolds many phases so wide range of jobs are necessary to reach completion.


Administration & General Affairs – The administration sector of IHI supports the business operations, and this programme will lead you to develop your career in Marketing and Sales, Procurement , Financial Affairs, Legal Affairs, Business Planning and Management.


Engineering – The engineering department develops new products for new business opportunities. In this programme, you will develop careers in architectonics, manufacturing, installation, product testing/maintenance and delivery.




Japan HQ








Salary: 3,700,000 JPY (Estimated salary may vary depending on conditions.)

Accomodation support, company condominium, housing loan system, asset-building savings plan, stock ownership, recreation facility, gymnasium, sports ground, etc.


Employment Stats







Current student

Recent graduates (gradated within last 5 year)




Undergraduate degree (in any department)


Language Skills


Japanes (business), English (business)


Screening Process


















1. Application via online: CLOSED on 10th November 2013

Application of next year will be November 2014.

The details will be published on this page in September 2014.
Please send your CV to: IHI@Business-Paradigm.com

2. CV Screening

3. Skype Interview

4. Attend the company information/1st interview session in London

5. Final interview session in Tokyo
Date: discussed at the interview in London
Transportation and accommodation will be provided by IHI.

Those who pass each step will be invited to the next step.





Please send your CV to: IHI@Business-Paradigm.com

Application: CLOSED