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Konica Minolta


Konica Minolta, with 140 years history, was a leading company of photo-films and cameras. We cultivated 4 core technology fields, continuing to leverage our brand and rich technological heritage to reshape our business model toward higher value, more profitable technology fields and market opportunities.


We operate in 150 countries.


Net sales outside Japan exceed 70%.


We are positioned as a global leader in US, EU and China's office markets.

Assembling processes in business technologies products were 100% transferred to overseas.


Read more (IR) : http://www.konicaminolta.com/about/investors/why/index.html

Business Domain: Business Technologies, Industrial, Healthcare and other businesses



News Releases


Business lines:

-Developing image processing algorithms for medical diagnostic system devices; developing signal processing technology; developing simulation technology; developing electric and electronic technologies; developing medical imaging systems; developing medical IT solutions
- Development, manufacturing and sale of multi-functional peripherals (MFPs), printers, equipment for production print systems and graphic arts, equipment for healthcare systems, measuring instruments for industrial and healthcare applications, inkjet print-heads and textile printers for industrial use, and related consumables and solution services
- Development, manufacturing and sale of electronic materials (including TAC films), lighting source panels, functional films (including heat insulation films), and optical products (including lens units)

Works & People


Personnel System

Job Descriptions

Technical Staff: Business Technologies, Industrial, Healthcare and other businesses


Electrical, Electronic, and Information Technologies
Industrial Engineering

Business Technologies Business Division

-Developing software applications; developing device-embedded software; developing image processing algorithms; designing and developing electric hardware; developing manufacturing technologies; constructing systems for manufacturing, distribution, and procuring and supplying parts; developing reduced-energy technologies for the electric hardware and software sectors; “reduce, reuse, recycle” technologies; magnetic noise and general noise reduction technologies
-Developing printheads and printers for industrial inkjet devices:  developing image formation processes, developing image processing technology, developing hardware and firmware, and developing electric hardware design

Optics & Sensing Business Division

-Research and development of electric circuits, substrates, ASIC, and devices for color and light sensing instruments; developing control technologies, firmware, applications, and networking

Healthcare Business Division

-Developing image processing algorithms for medical diagnostic system devices; developing signal processing technology; developing simulation technology; developing electric and electronic technologies; developing medical imaging systems; developing medical IT solutions

New Business Creation/Component Technology Development Division

-Vehicle safety devices; medical diagnostic devices; developing software and control circuits for analysis/measurement instruments used with optical devices
-Image processing algorithms for each product; IC; System LSI development
-Developing (optical) sensor/actuator devices; developing unit-based (hard, soft) systems
-Developing technologies for process engineering (manufacturing systems, traceability systems)

Business Promotion Division

-Design of infrastructure for R&D and manufacturing at all Konica Minolta Group entities domestically and overseas; construction management, domestic/overseas plant construction; developing manufacturing technologies; developing energy-saving technologies and providing consulting on this subject; creating facilities management plans; expanding facilities safety technologies

IT Division

-Creating global IT strategies and business improvement plans for all domestic and overseas Konica Minolta Group entities
-Designing and developing information systems; designing and installing IT infrastructure


Interview in the UK



Graduate Program

Date and time


13th (Fri), 14th (Sat) and 15th (Sun) February 2015



Manchester (13th Fri) and London (14th Sat and 15th Sun)



Current student (Year 2015 and Year 2016 graduate*)

Graduated within last 2 years



Degree: Bachelors, Masters, Doctors from top UK universities.


Subjects: Information Technology, Computer Science,

Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering


Language Skills


English (fluent) *No Japanese language skill required



Salary: Depends on the qualifications and experiences. (The details will be discussed at the interview.)
Benefits: Cafeteria Plan - selection type benefits program. (Covering school expenses, language-learning expenses etc.)
Facilities: Business partner resort hotel facilities, self-development education, child/nursing care, and health and care facilities etc.
Employment FAQ








1. Online Application Form

2. CV Screening

3. Skype Interview (January 2015)

4. Face to Face Interviews (13th or 14th or 15th Feb 2015 - to be confirmed) in the UK

5. Offer (on or just after 13th or 14th or 15th Feb 2015)

6. Visit Japan to meet people in the HQ (The date will be discussed at the interview in Feb 2015; the travel cost will be fully sponsored by the company.)