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Rakuten Inc.,

Rakuten is the largest E-commerce company in Japan.
Rakuten's goal is to become the world's No.1 Internet service company. In order to keep developing new services, the company needs talented individuals from all the world. If you are interested in becoming part of an organization that aims to become the world’s best while enjoying your work, please apply to join Rakuten!


Did you know?

- Rakuten has acquired Play.com (UK), Priceminister (France), Kobo (Canada), Viki and Webgistix (US). The company is also a shareholder of Pinterest.

- The company is twice as big as Amazon in Japan.

- Rakuten has been ranked among Forbes’ Top 10 Most Innovative Companies for two years in a row.
- Our services include: telecom, e-money, banking, securities, credit card, insurance, e-Commerce, e-book, travel and others.
- The company was founded by a Harvard Business School graduate in 1997, and IPO'd in 2000.
- We own a Japanese premier league professional baseball team, the `Rakuten Eagles', which won the Pacific League in 2013.

Special Invitation and 15th -17th November in the UK (London, Oxford and Cambridge)













(1) Registration


(2) Online discussion with the Director (HQ Japan)

(3) Final Interview

15th November Friday 10:00-18:30: London (Imperial College)
16th November Saturday 10:30-17:00: Oxford and London
17th November 2013 Sunday 11:00-17:30: Cambridge (Hilton Hotel) and London

Duration: 45 min. Language: English

Successful candidate will be invited for a special dinner after 18:30 on the same day.

About us

















About the company: http://global.rakuten.com/corp/about/overview.html

Strategy: http://global.rakuten.com/corp/careers/business/strategy/


Headquarter: Tokyo Japan

US, South America, Oceania, Asia, Europe



Luxcenburg (European HQ), Germany, Austria

Play.com (UK)

Priceminister (France, Spain)

Wuaki TV (Spain)

In order to expand more, the company needs talented individuals from all the world.


Introdution ( youtube)

Message from the Team Development Unit (youtube)

Message from CEO (movie)


Job Category







Graduate Program - The details will be discussed at the interview.
■ Software Engineer

Planning, designing and developing of new Web services, Maintenance and operation of existing Web services, Mobile or Smartphone Development.

■ Infrastructure Engineer
Development and operation of infrastructure systems, such as servers, networks and database.




Japan (HQ) and worldwide

Global expansion












Salary is competitive. The details will be explained at the interview.
Various attractive benefits - all majour benefit as well as its unique benefit including free breakfast and lunch.

Stock options are also available.

Global experience program, various overseas conferences, study sessions in order to keep learning the latest technologies.

Life at Rakuten: http://global.rakuten.com/corp/careers/life/







Current student (Year 2013 and Year 2014 graduate*)

Graduated within last 2 years


*Start working: before October 2014










BSc BEng/ MSc MEng/ PhD or equivalent

from top UK universities:


Computer Science,

Information System

Information Technology

or equivalent.


Language Skills